Well, Hello There!

Welcome to YourTruckBuddy.com, a basic website I’m working on to house my surprisingly voluminous amount of knowledge about local moving services.

Hah. The fact that I can even write such a sentence boggles my mind. I did not come to Washington to run a moving company. But that’s what ended up happening. For a decade. Which is dang near a quarter of my life.

[Side note: my childhood feels like the distant past, but I remember the beginning of the moving company, which coincided with the beginning of my marriage, which I consider the beginning of my life, just a few years ago. So that “distant childhood” really wasn’t that long ago.

What? I said it was a side note…]

So, there are a million moving-related websites out there. I hope this one is at least as valuable as the least valuable content mill online. What’s different about this one? It’s run by an almost completely disinterested individual who was up to his neck in the business, and hates it probably more than you. That, and I have some funny stories to tell. And weird stories. And some infuriating stories as well.

More soon!

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